Leading the way to better banking is no easy feat. Here is our story…

What We Do

We began in 2007 as "Bank of George" when we opened our Las Vegas bank locations. George Washington's legacy is one of strong leadership, integrity, and dedication to community. As our foremost founding father, our namesake started something great back then.

We believed a small community bank better served the needs of our clients in Southern Nevada. Though we have grown and now lend to businesses in more than 30 states, we still maintain two local branches and provide a high level of customized service to all our clients.

GBank Financial Holdings Inc. (OTCQX: GBFH) is the parent company for Bank of George – Now GBank.

GBank conducts business nationally through its SBA lending activities and BankCard Services, LLC ("BCS") partnership.

Launched in 2016, our FinTech Gaming Division is powering Sightline Payments Play+ Solution (https://sightlinepayments.com/) for seamless and secure pay and play that enables cashless, mobile commerce solutions for gaming, lottery, and sports betting ecosystems. This positions GBank as a financial leader in this new payments world.

GBank also provides general commercial banking services with an emphasis on serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, high net worth individuals, professionals, and investors. The Bank offers a full complement of consumer deposit products and is focused on delivering a premium level of service.


Why GBank?

In the fall of 2022, Bank of George emerged with a new brand celebrating our technological advancements in the digital space – GBank!

We are proud of our improved digital banking and mobile apps for both your personal and business accounts. With increased functionality and efficiency, we know you will love the new GBank. And as tech advances, so will we. 

We will never lose sight of the core values that have made us your chosen community bank as we grow. Our goal is to give our clients the highest level of service and care at all times. When they look back and assess their relationship with our institution, the total of all the interactions along their banking journey with GBank equals Your Best Banking Experience Ever!®

But it doesn't stop there. Our goal is always to give our colleagues that same level of service and care.

Community Involvement

GBank has a solid commitment to investing in and supporting the communities we serve. Visit our Community Involvement page to see what we have been doing locally.

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Our Core Values

As we keep an eye to the future, we continue to maintain the timeless ideals and core values that established us as a trusted community partner. We are committed to the full embodiment of the values of our namesake, George Washington, whose legacy is one of strong leadership, integrity, and dedication to community.

Positive Attitude – We seek to say yes. We are open-minded and optimistic. We find solutions. We are warm and friendly.

Integrity – We are honest. We mean what we say. We are consistent and reliable. We keep our promises. We do the right thing.

Empowerment – We strive for common goals. We are loyal and supportive. We care for each other as well as our clients. We make appropriate decisions based upon our commitment to service and communicate these decisions effectively.

Excellence – We strive to achieve a level of quality beyond what is required. We take pride in our work and seek to improve. We are committed to the consistent delivery of stellar services and products.

Respect – We listen. We value the ideas and opinions of others. We encourage diversity. We honor people and relationships.

Accountability – We accept responsibility for common goals. We take actions that create results. We uphold the highest standards of competency and honesty.

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